Airports Located in Denton County

Compiled by
The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

The information contained in this report was obtained from The County Information Program's on-line database. The data contained in the database are obtained from official sources and are not the product of the CIP. The CIP, therefore, does not expressly or impliedly warrant the accuracy of the data. Questions regarding the accuracy, methodology, etc. should be directed to the original source of the information. The sources may be obtained from the CIP by contacting the County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties at (512) 478-8753.

TypeFAACityAirport NameOwnershipUseOwner
Heliport94TEArgyleBarbaro NorthPRPRPaul G. Barbaro
HeliportTA48ArgyleHawk NestPRPRBobby Hawk
AirportTX22ArgyleLerouxPRPRLeroux Trust
Airport06XSAubreyCampbell FieldPRPRGeorge & Linda Campbell
Heliport30XAAubreyEmergency Room At MagnoliaPRPRWest Denton Properties
AirportXS60AubreyMustang Community AirfieldPRPRJames A Pickrel
Airport5XA9AubreyVenable AirparkPRPRVenable Royalty, LTD.
Airport2TE3AubreyWeems FarmPRPRScott Weems
HeliportTX06BartonvilleCarringtonPRPRGary Carrington
AirportTX32BolivarBar V KPRPRBar V K Air Ranch Estates Assoc Inc
Heliport4XS4CarrolltonBaylor Scott & White Med Ctr - CarrolltonPRPRBaylor Medical Center at Carrollton
HeliportTE79CarrolltonHigPRPRHome Interiors & Gifts, Inc
Heliport95TECross RoadsStarPRPRWilliam J. Steding
HeliportTX50DentonDenton Community HospitalPRPRTexas Hlth Presbyterian Hosp Denton
AirportDTODentonDenton EnterprisePUPUCity of Denton
HeliportTS58DentonDenton Rgnl Medical Ctr - Flow CampusPRPREpic Health Care Group Inc.
Airport3XS0DentonHartlee FieldPRPRRobert Payne
Airport2TS0DentonMyska FieldPRPRChris King
AirportTE81DentonSmither FieldPRPRDavid M. Smither
Airport4TA1DentonWarschun RanchPRPRWalter N. Warschun
Airport0TX5Flower MoundShilohPRPRJohn R. Todd
HeliportTX65Fort WorthBeechwoodPRPRBeechwood Business Park J.V.
Heliport3XS7Fort WorthBell Training FacilityPRPRPetrus Investment LLP
AirportTA77FriscoCottonpatch AerodromePRPRRandy Henderson
Airport3T6JustinClarkPUPUClark Airport Partners LLC
Airport05TSJustinDew DropPRPRR. J. Nordling
Airport0TS1JustinDooleyPRPRDavid M. Dooley
Airport3TX7JustinFlying PPRPRJerry Pockrus
Airport3TX2JustinFlying S FarmPRPRJess E Shryack
Airport16XJustinPropwashPUPUPropwash Owners Association Inc
AirportXA0JustinProse FieldPUPUGeoffrey & Debbie Prose
Airport7XA2JustinSagebrushPRPRRoger F. Peters
Airport3TX3JustinSitton FieldPRPRDwayne Sitton
Airport4TX8KrumAddington FieldPRPRJames T Addington
AirportE58KrumBird Dog AirfieldPUPUBird Dog Airfield LLC
Airport2TX8KrumEagle'S LandingPRPRShane Ferdows
AirportTA47KrumRichardsPRPRT. D. Richards
AirportXA72KrumStockerPRPREarnest Stocker
Airport85XAKrumWindmillcreekPRPRJohn Tullio
Airport30FLake DallasLakeviewPUPUU S Govt & Squier Family
Airport5TX4LewisvilleBlack Mark StripPRPRUnknown
Airport5TX6LewisvilleHilliard Landing AreaPRPRRon Hilliard
HeliportXA59LewisvilleMedical Center Of LewisvillePRPRMedical Center of Lewisville
AirportTA21LewisvilleWindmill HillPRPRFrieda N. Lumly
Airport76TXLittle ElmSpanish OaksPRPROak Investments
Airport45TEPonderDeussen FieldPRPRCharles A. Deussen II
UltralightXA10PonderPonderosa FieldPRPRMichael Lane
Airport74TPonderRomaPUPUBlake Bunn
Airport47TAProsperPleasure FieldPRPRO. K. Kim
Airport52FRoanokeNorthwest RgnlPUPUTexas Air Classics
AirportT87SangerFlying CPUPUCasey Carter
AirportTS74SangerGlassPRPRJames A. Glass
AirportTX33SangerHairePRPRJerry T Haire
AirportTE24SangerHorseshoe LakePRPRJames M. Sebastian
AirportT58SangerIronheadPUPUBen E. Huston and Thomas W. Huston
Airport58FSangerLane FldPUPUEddie Lane Jr
AirportTX96SangerMaxwell FieldPRPRDonald W. Maxwell
Airport6X8SangerVultures RowPUPURichard & Janice Freeman
Airport5TX0Shady ShoresHidden Valley AirparkPRPRHidden Valley Members
AirportXA68SlidellAkrovillePRPRJulia A. & Tony L. Wood

Data source: Notes:
  1. Ownership and Use: MA, MN, MR are military. PR is private. PU is public.

Last Updated on 07/21/2016
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