Airports Located in Hays County

Compiled by
The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

The information contained in this report was obtained from The County Information Program's on-line database. The data contained in the database are obtained from official sources and are not the product of the CIP. The CIP, therefore, does not expressly or impliedly warrant the accuracy of the data. Questions regarding the accuracy, methodology, etc. should be directed to the original source of the information. The sources may be obtained from the CIP by contacting the County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties at (512) 478-8753.

TypeFAACityAirport NameOwnershipUseOwner
Airport5TE3Dripping SpringsAlexander RanchPRPRJoseph W Alexander
Airport5TE2Dripping SpringsBleakley RanchPRPRFar Hills Ranch
Heliport36XASan MarcosCentral Texas Medical Center HospitalPRPRCentral Texas Medical Center
Airport4XS9WimberleyGarnett RanchPRPR 
Airport0TS9NiederwaldJim Roach FieldPRPRJim Roach
Airport14TXDripping SpringsKeyes RanchPRPRWilliam O. Keyes
Airport0XA8Dripping SpringsOHHOPRPRWayne L. Hughes
Airport70XSWimberleyRestoration RanchPRPRBruce Collie
Airport85TXBudaRutherford RanchPRPR 
Heliport01XAKyleSeton Medical Center HaysPRPRSeton Hall Center Hays
Airport3TS1WimberleyWhite WingsPRPRTinna A. Kurri
Airport7TS3San MarcosWyattPRPRWilliam A. Wyatt, Jr.

Data source: Notes:
  1. Ownership and Use: MA, MN, MR are military. PR is private. PU is public.
  2. Go to the FAA's web page Airport Data (5010) & Contact Information to search for a list of all airports in this county.

Last Updated on 08/07/2014
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