Runnels County Business Patterns
Compared to State of Texas Business Patterns

Compiled by
The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

The information contained in this report was obtained from The County Information Program's on-line database. The data contained in the database are obtained from official sources and are not the product of the CIP. The CIP, therefore, does not expressly or impliedly warrant the accuracy of the data. Questions regarding the accuracy, methodology, etc. should be directed to the original source of the information. The sources may be obtained from the CIP by contacting the County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties at (512) 478-8753.

DescriptionEmployment, 2016Annual Payroll, 2016Establishments
FlagNoise FlagPercentPercent Noise FlagPercentPercent
Total G100.00%100.00%G100.00%100.00%216579,168
Forestry, Fishing, Hunting, and Agriculture SupportAD--0.07%D--0.06%21,074
Mining J2.90%1.91%H2.40%3.69%98,247
Construction J6.90%6.46%H8.63%7.42%2343,163
Manufacturing H21.03%7.37%H28.25%8.93%1219,649
Wholesale Trade G0.92%4.99%G1.35%6.73%733,467
Retail Trade G18.59%12.51%G14.49%6.81%4180,652
Transportation and Warehousing G4.33%4.27%H5.41%4.61%1219,228
Information J0.41%2.32%J0.16%3.66%39,677
Finance and Insurance H5.84%5.13%H6.89%8.03%1740,649
Real Estate and Rental and LeasingAD--1.84%D--2.01%230,358
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services H1.52%6.79%H1.40%10.94%1468,751
Management of Companies and EnterprisesBD--3.12%D--7.63%14,939
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services J2.58%9.39%J2.42%7.13%528,165
Educational ServicesAD--1.86%D--1.40%17,090
Health Care and Social Assistance J12.75%14.47%H11.73%12.56%1768,189
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation G0.28%1.39%H0.10%0.81%37,308
Accommodation and Food Services G7.92%11.29%G2.36%3.92%1654,188
Other Services (except Public Administration) G9.02%4.27%G4.11%2.64%2851,352

For more information on business patterns, see the County Business Patterns page on the Census Bureau web site.


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