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Note: Corrected/updated 2013 property tax data for Anderson, Andrews, Angelina, Ector, Hale, Hood and Montgomery on April 29, 2015.

POPULATION (Census Bureau)
County Population     «History»   «Group Quarters»
Estimate 2016:1,402More data
Estimate 2015:1,431 
Estimate 2014:1,432 
Estimate 2013:1,448 
Estimate 2012:1,485 
Estimate 2011:1,511 
Census 2010:1,505More data
Census 2000:1,904More data
Population of the County Seat (Paducah)
Census 2010:1,186 
Census 2000:1,498 
Note: City and town populations include only those parts of each place found within this county. Use our «Town & City Search» to find the total population of each place.
Paducah town:1,103More data
County Size in Square Miles (Census Bureau and EPA)
Land Area:900.6More data
Water Area:1.1More data
Total Area:901.6More data
Population Density Per Square Mile
2010:1.67More data
Urban and Rural Population of the County, 2010 (Census Bureau)
Percent Urban:0.00More data
Percent Rural:100.00More data
Ethnicity - 2015 (Census Bureau)
Percent Hispanic:24.3%More data
Race - 2015 (Census Bureau)
Percent White Alone:87.6%More data
Percent African American Alone:10.4%More data
Percent American Indian and Alaska Native Alone:0.5%More data
Percent Asian Alone:0.1%More data
Percent Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone:0.1%More data
Percent Multi-Racial:1.3%More data
Race and Ethnicity - 2015 (Census Bureau)
Percent Not Hispanic White Alone:64.5%More data
Percent Not Hispanic Black Alone:10.0%More data
Age - 2015 (Census Bureau)     «Age Groups»
17 and Under:23.1%More data
65 and Older:23.4%More data
85 and Older:2.3%More data
Median Age:45.0More data
Per Capita Income - 2015 (BEA):$50,074More data
Total Personal Income - 2015 (BEA):$71,406,000More data
Median Household Income - 2015 (Census Bureau):$35,602More data
Poverty - 2015 (Census Bureau)
Percent of Population in Poverty:21.4%More data
Percent of Population under 18 in Poverty:36.1%More data
Educational Attainment (Census Bureau, 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate)
Age 25 and older, Percent high school graduate and higher:N/A% 
Age 25 and older, Percent bachelor's degree or higher:N/A% 
Wages (BEA - Due to reduced funding, this data on average wages is no longer availble from the BEA.)
Average Wage Per Job - 2013:$32,825More data
Average Wage Per Job - 2012:$32,279 
Average Wage Per Job - 2011:$30,884 
Average Wage Per Job - 2010:$30,944 
Average Wage Per Job - 2009:$30,234 
Pay (BLS)
Average Annual Pay - 2015:$32,522More data
Average Annual Pay - 2014:$38,866 
Average Annual Pay - 2013:$34,404 
Average Annual Pay - 2012:$34,371 
Average Annual Pay - 2011:$32,482 
Annual Unemployment Rate, Not Adjusted (Texas Workforce Commission)
Unemployment Rate - 2015:7.1More data
Unemployment Rate - 2014:6.1 
Unemployment Rate - 2013:6.7 
Unemployment Rate - 2012:7.5 
Unemployment Rate - 2011:7.5 
COUNTY FINANCES (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)
Property Taxes - 2015
Total County Tax Rate:     «Historic Tax Rate» «Detailed Tax Rates»$0.710100More data
Total Market Value:     «Values and Levies»$503,655,520More data
Total Appraised Value Available for County Taxation:$178,755,660More data
Total Actual Levy:$1,268,417More data
For property tax information about a specific property, contact the Appraisal District.
Sales Tax Allocation History
CY 2015:$N/AMore data
CY 2014:$N/A 
CY 2013:$N/A 
CY 2012:$N/A 
CY 2011:$N/A 
Centerline Miles - 2015
IH Highways:0.000More data
US Highways:62.920More data
State Highways, Spurs, Loops, Business Routes:0.000More data
Farm or Ranch to Market Roads and Spurs:131.910More data
Pass, Park and Recreation Roads:0.000More data
Frontage Roads:0.000More data
On-System Subtotal:194.830More data
City Streets:27.720More data
Certified County Roads:313.895More data
Toll Road Authority Roads:0.000More data
Federal Roads:0.000More data
Off-System Subtotal:341.615More data
Center Line Miles: County Total:536.445More data
Lane Miles - 2015
IH Highways:0.000More data
US Highways:125.840More data
State Highways, Spurs, Loops, Business Routes:0.000More data
Farm or Ranch to Market Roads and Spurs:263.820More data
Pass, Park and Recreation Roads:0.000More data
Frontage Roads:0.000More data
On-System Subtotal:389.660More data
City Streets:55.440More data
Certified County Roads:627.790More data
Toll Road Authority Roads:0.000More data
Federal Roads:0.000More data
Off-System Subtotal:683.230More data
County Total:1,072.890More data
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